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Delivery - UPS Tracking

  • Please allow 5 to 10 working days for delivery within continental USA and Canada.

  • Special orders and backorders may require up to 15-20 days for delivery, email notification will be send to customer before processing.

  • Deliveries may not be completed on P.O. boxes, physical addresses are required.

  • Deliveries to A.P.O. boxes can be processed via US Postal Service. Restrictions on size and volume may apply.

  • Minimum CDN$15.00 or US$10.50 for delivery fees to Canada/USA for orders up to CDN$150.00 or US$105.00 and 15% for orders between CDN$150.00-US$105.00 and CDN$230.00-US$161.00.

  • Maximum CDN$34.50 or US$24.50 delivery fees for orders above CDN$230.00-US$161.00.

  • Delivery fees are subject to revision for oversized parcels and distance. Revised charges are only applied once accepted by the customer.

  • Delivery fees to other countries will be specified upon request.

  • for orders above US$200.00, UPS may charge brokerage fees to clear goods from US customs.

UPS Tracking

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